My Reading Addiction

reading-books-quotes-about-reading-and-books-e1351429484695Hello fellow book nerds!

My name is Michelle and I’m no stranger to WordPress. You might actually know me from my previous blog “Meers2Review”. That was a blog my friends and I used to test the waters of book blogging as a summer experiment and we have stopped posting on that blog for a few months now. (It’s still up and you can check out our content here).

But I’ve been wanting to review books again and I’ve MISSED reviewing and blogging so I’ve decided to start my own personal blog. And that brings me here, with you, right now.

Welcome to Addictively Turning Pages. *insert Disney intro music* The design is still in progress and everything is still very new, so you might be in for some extreme changes in the near future as I get settled into this new blog.

Be prepared for book reviews, fun book-related posts and updates on my life. I’m turning the pages of many YA and NA novels but also the pages of my life, so there definitely will be posts about my life. 😛 Yes, I’m corny. Deal with it. I’m also in school , so I will be busy with homework and assignments, so bear with me if I can’t post every week!

Well, that’s my intro… 😀

Hope you’re with me for the long run!

I’m so excited for the upcoming book reviews!!

Keep calm and read on!!



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