New Goodreads Format?! (Updated)

goodreadsUpdated: 08/20/16

So THEY DID IT AGAIN!!! THEY CHANGED IT ALLLLL!!!! Goodreads now has a new “feed” or “homepage” for users.  It’s been active for a while now, so I thought I should address it. 

Do I like it?

Uhhhh… It’s definitely going to have to be some getting used to for sure. I really like how the Goodreads Reading Challenge and the Currently Reading bars are on the left hand side now. The individual “updates” are smaller and in the middle. It’s actually easier to like, comment, and it’s more eye appealing. And the right hand side gives us easier access to recommendations.

It suits the top bar more than the original. To be honest, I’ve forgotten what the old Goodreads looks like.

Although it was a shock (again!) to see a new version of Goodreads, it is only for the better. They needed this more modern look and I really have no complaints!! Everything is looking mighty damn fine on Goodreads!!

Okay, imagine my surprise when I pull up Goodreads today. I was just going to update my “read” list and guess what? THEY CHANGED THE FORMAT OF THE NAVIGATION BAR AT THE TOP!! What? What is this? Everything is so different!! Why would they do this?

The search bar is now OFF CENTRE and all the icons are bigger and more modern. Every time I scroll over anything, a box drops down and it’s so weird!!

*time passes as I go back and explore some more*

I want to complain about it…but the more I look at it and the change settles in, the more I’m starting to like this new format on Goodreads… It’s more chic and again, modern.

I’m still taken aback and I feel like I’ve been hit with a huge plot twist that turned my world upside-down. It’s like, I thought I knew you Goodreads but apparently I don’t. You surprised me with this change without even a warning! It would have been nice if you warned me about it!!

Ugh. It’s actually really nice.

I’m especially liking the new addition of the drop boxes when you scroll over the word “Browse”. I get a sneak peek of the “Most Read This Week” for each genre which makes for quick recommendations and updates on what’s popular at the moment. It’s easier to explore the site and it looks so nice!! More so, when you search up novels in the search engine you get a better format of the novels you might be looking for. It’s cleaner and more organized. You get the author’s name, the series AND the photo of the book. The ISBN numbers are gone (thank god, they were useless) and it’s definitely “smarter” at pulling up the novel you’re looking for. Looking up books couldn’t be any easier!

I’m definitely liking this new Goodreads. Forget my angry outburst in the beginning. I was wrong and I jumped to conclusions… This is so much better. I prefer this new version than the older one. The format and look is cleaner, more organized and adopts a modern look to Goodreads. Definitely more appealing to the eye and easier to navigate now. Michelle approves.

What do you think of the new update on Goodreads?


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