A friend suggested that since I was starting anew, I should change up my blog. With careful consideration, I did. I’m just experimenting at this point, but I really like this new format I have. It’s definitely girlier (yes, because girlier is a word, stop with the dang red lines!!) than I intended but I’m embracing it…I think. I find this version more eye-appealing than my old one though and the buttons are so cute!! Annndd, I think this suits me better than the other theme. Also, with spring here, I think I’m subjected to some new beginnings, don’t you think? Who knows! I might end up changing this format again in the future but for now, enjoy this revamp ofย Addictively Turning Pages!

(I wanted to write a post so you guys wouldn’t be caught off guard!)

When it comes to designing, it’s very hard to decide what should stay and what should go. So what do you think? Yes or no?



5 thoughts on “Revamp

    • The more I look at it the more I’m loving it! I hated the nitty gritty of the other one, and how it didn’t show a preview of the review but the beginning of the post, which wasn’t eye-appealing at the time. ALSO. The continue reading is automatic *smirk* Girlier is something I’ll have to get used to…but like I said, loving it by the minute ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Thank you!! Glad you’re liking it too!! It’s like choosing an eye-appealing book cover, but with blogs instead ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t know how authors do it!

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