Tattoo Thursday (5)

Harry Potter


Look at this beautiful tattoo!! Just look at it. Do you want it? I want it. @heartshappedtattoos, you’re one talented cookie. I’m getting all giddy thinking about this Harry Potter themed tattoo. Guys, there are more where this came from.

What do you think of this tattoo? Would you get it? Yay or Nay?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these tattoos/designs. Copyright goes to rightful owner(s).

2 thoughts on “Tattoo Thursday (5)

  1. It’s beautiful! The designer did a great job. I would personally not get this tattoo because I think it’s a bit to big for me. I would prefer something smaller.


    • I’m the same with tattoos as well!! I prefer smaller ones over the bigger ones. The design is beautiful isn’t it?!? 😮 You know what would be awesome? Having a poster or a bookmark with this design being featured. Yup. That should be a thing. ooo, think of all the book merch that could be created with this design… Check out my other posts in this series as well, there are some really cute small tattoos!! Let me know what you think of those!


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