My Very VERY Healthy Obsession with Reading

obsession_logo_by_topgun_gfx-d45q5cyAn Open Letter to My Reading Obsession

Dear Reading Obsession,

I hate you, love you. (That’s a modification of a Grey’s Anatomy quote 😉 ) You see, I started reading at a very young age. Thanks to my mom, I was reading chapters books by age 5. Waaaay before my classmates anyway. It’s because of her that I have you. It’s because of her that shaped my world today. Because I get the privilege of not only living in the human world, but the world of books, magic, heart-breaking romance, badass heroines and a massive list of book boyfriends. So thank you so very much. Because I wouldn’t know what to do without you.

You are what helps me get through a long, day. You are what developed my creativity and my absolute love for reviewing. Without this obsession, I wouldn’t be able to read books as fast as I do. My ability to love has grown in such a way in the last few years to a full-on, “I’m in love with every single aspect of writing”. I don’t think my heart belongs anywhere else other than the pages and the many characters I have grown attached to. I have cried litres and litres of tears because of you, but you see, I have no control over you.

Sometimes you get in the way of homework, school, and life. I don’t talk to my family because I need to make you happy. I read into the night because I can’t drop the book because it’s so good. My sleep cycle is broken because of you!! Why can’t you just leave me alone for a few days!! This obsession is healthy and thriving you don’t need to worry that I will abandon you. You know what I do all the time?! I reread books, I scream and shout when I’m reading and when the characters are being so stupid, I get so flustered. You think I’m 100% in the novel? No, I’m like 500% engrossed in the novel. How about the times when my heart starts breaking and I start crying? You have tested my emotional stability. I surf every single form of media to find pictures, art, and quotes of my ships. I follow bookstagrams, the twitter accounts of my favourite authors and I discover amazing book blogs to indulge my obsession. I review and review and review because I love to talk about books. I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BOOKS.

*deep breath*

Confession: so, yes, there are moments where I wish I could control you. And sometimes I do. I love it when I get all my work done and then I can make you happy with a delicious YA read like The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. It’s amazing to indulge myself after a day of hard work. (and I’m talking the massive pile of school work because of IB.) BUT, you cloud my thoughts like the men in my favourite CoHo novels. You use me like a puppet to make you happy because you can’t breathe if you don’t finish the novel. You can’t breathe if you don’t know how it ends.

So I’m telling you. Our relationship is healthy. It is strong. And I believe you can live for a day or two, if I don’t read a book. So please breathe. Fangirl about the swoony relationships and first kiss scenes you’ve read while I’m gone. Save the millions of fanart out there. And know, know that this reading obsession will never go away. I will always have you, and I will always strengthen you.

So, I guess I mostly love you, but I do sometimes hate you. *looks at the growing list of things to do*

See you next time. *cough* In two hours after I finish my HOMEWORK.



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Side Note: Two Daily Posts in a row! I’m starting to really love these prompts and how they give me a chance to somehow incorporate books into the one-word prompt. Expect to be complete annoyed with how many of these posts I write! XD

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