Tattoo Thursday (8)

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks


*sigh* The Notebook. By far, the ultimate love story. I think that I every time I watch this movie I’m going to cry. I haven’t read Nicholas Sparks novel fearing that the romance will be too much and sappy for me. Maybe later in the future 😛 I love this tattoo because a) the birds are so simple and pretty, b) the quote. In my opinion, this quote represents how far you go for those you love. They are everything to you, and Aly and Noah’s relationship shows that no matter what love always beats everything. ❤

Have you watched The Notebook? Read the book?? What do you think of this tattoo? How does it speak to you? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS!!

Disclaimer: I do not own these tattoo(s). Copyrights go to rightful owner(s) and designer(s).

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