Tattoo Thursday (9)

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


This was practically my childhood…okay, my elementary school days… which was five years ago. HAHAHA that can’t be right… *mental calculations* Ohmygod, it is. WHAAT?! And to think, since the release of the novels, we’ve had four Hunger Games movies. Time goes by so fast. I think these tattoos are a good example of those cliché and sickeningly cute couple tattoos. Would I ever get one? Right now, no. No way. If I found the One, would I consider it? Maybe, not this tattoo though. Something more meaningful. Despite that though, I still think these tattoos are adorable, and that quote will always, and I mean always evoke feels inside my tiny human body.

What do you think of couple tattoos? Would you get one with your significant other? How about best friend tattoos??  Comment if you think those kind of tattoos are repulsive or absolutely romantic as hell!!! Go, go, go!


Share your thoughts with me!

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