New Header Image!!! + Throwback

GUYS!!! I HAVE A NEW HEADER IMAGE!! AND IT LOOKS SO CUTE AND AHH!!! I spend HOURS designing this and I’m so very happy with the result!! (I had multiple different designs..maybe I’ll show those to you later in another post?) I hope you guys like it too!! In the process, I’ve redesigned my blavatar. I also want to use this post as an opportunity to credit the images I used to design my header.


Objects in Header are Designed by Freepik

Copy of ATP

Objects in Icon are Designed by Freepik

I’ve recently been reintroduced to graphic design and the creative juices are flowing in. I’m going to spend my nights designing and not writing up that Dissection Lab… I also decided to post some throwback designs I did way back when, when I wanted to design my own book covers for my old stories (and some other stuff here and there). You know when I first said that there would be random stuff on this blog, this is what I meant. XD Cause you totally want to see my crappy designs too. I’m so considerate I know. 

Book Covers (2013):

3 years ago was when I first started to really go into photo editing, I used this free website to share my stories and book covers were rather ideal in getting publicity. For me, even then, I liked creating something that had meaning. I’m a huge fan of symbolism, foreshadowing and hidden meanings, so each and every one of these covers holds a little hint about the stories I used to write. I don’t remember exactly what each story was about but just looking at the covers sparks a little idea for writing. It’s also interpretation that fascinates me with art. It’s amazing to realize that when you see an image, everyone will interpret it differently.


Song Lyrics (2015):

These pictures are more of an experiment and I quickly stopped making them because it took a very long time. Like that’s even an issue anymore. 😛 I used this “project” as a way to explore fonts. These photos were edited through Picasa 3. It was very hard to use, so I quickly abandoned it. Working out fonts and positioning them were very easy though.


Lose Yourself Eminem

What I do Now

The programs I use are:

  • Picmonkey (online + free)
  • Canva (online + free but some extra features can be bought i.e. fonts, icons)
  • Pixlr Editor (online + free) They have Photoshop-like tools for more advanced photo-editing that Canva and Picmonkey can’t do
  • I recently downloaded the free version of Photoshop CS2 and I can’t wait to learn how to use it
  • I use mostly a combination of Canva, Picmonkey and Freepik.

Photo Resources:

I hardly know what I’m doing so I go to bloggers to see what they do, and this post by aentee @ read at midnight helped me so much! And she definitely knows what she’s doing! She gives advice on graphic designing and shows you how to do a simple one!! That tutorial is literally how I designed my header image so anybody can do it! Check out that post and all her amazing designs!!

Well that’s a little information about me and my editing because you’ve been dying to know right? I know, I’m a mind reader. Hope you enjoyed. 😀

What do you think about my new ATP images?!? Do you think it fits my blog theme? What would you have done differently? Do you like designing??? What programs do you use? How do you edit your blog graphics?? Someone contact me and give me all your designing secrets because I’m so an amateur and I don’t know what I’m doing!! So this is a call for your secrets about making your blog beautiful (or anything in general)!! I wanna hear your thoughts!!

You are all amazing and have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “New Header Image!!! + Throwback

  1. It looks fantastic and I am over the moon to hear that my tutorial helped! Have fun continuing to experiment with graphics, your designs have been great so far ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    • aw thanks so much!! Your tutorial was my lifesaver! Freepik is my best friend now. I really have to control myself with the experimenting, I have way too much assignments that have been neglected XD Thanks again, aentee!


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