Failure, Assholes and Damage Control

Confession: This is a book blog.

Another Confession: This post is not about books.

Last Confession: This blog happens to be mine so I can do whatever the heck I want. ❤

Disclaimer: If you cannot deal with the intense sarcasm that is laced throughout this post (and my blog), I fear for your mental stability and this is not the place for you.

Aren’t I hilarious?! I’m so funny. Now as you may or may not know, I love writing reviews and I love raving about books, but I’ve been losing inspiration and I want this blog to be more than just reviews. Prepare yourself for rants, inspirational bullshit that I turned into from my life epiphanies, and hell of a lot of weird life updates like how much I love watching documentaries about sex in the wild. (Yup, I just said that, you don’t have to read it again, you read it correctly) AND, GUUUYS, this all relates back to my blog name, Addictively Turning Pages, because not only am I turning pages of books, but my life is also a book and everyday is me flipping a page until I eventually end my life novel and die. (Ohmygod, that was morbid)

As you all know, there’s a lot that goes on outside of all the blogging we do. Today, I’m going to give you a glimpse (a HUGE glimpse) of what that is for me. If I’ve bored you already, I have a lot of reviews posted, so check out this inventory for them, and my Twitter account loves more attention for all the stuff I tweet and retweet! (no shame for self-promotion)

I’ve just finished these horrible, tree-eating, stress-inducing things called exams and I’m ready for a summer filled with more school, blogging and READING. *squee* Mind you, I’m only excited about the last two. I happen to be this sadistic person and decided to enroll in summer school for Physics despite immensely struggling in the subject this year. Am I stupid or waay to stubborn to persevere?? ANYWAY, I’m currently procrastinating my Chemistry Report (aka Chem IA) which is due today because yes, although school is done I still have assignments due, and yes, this is what it’s like to be an IB student. #ibstudentlife HAHAHA, I’m great at time management as you can tell. XD My Chem IA is giving me death glares…

I just found out my exam marks and my Physics is not very pretty and thus begins my little rant on failure. I’m a failure. If I go to this year’s 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, I would win a gold medal in failing. I also want to get a medal for getting back again and brushing my knees and resuming to walk with my head held high. This year has taught me many important things about failing and to keep persevering. I’ve always been scared to fail and I think this year I’m going to terms that it’s okay for me to not do as well as I want.

Next, assholes. Raise your hand if when you read that word you immediately thought of that one person… *raises hand* You know who you are. Book nerds, I’m so done with assholes within the pages and out of them. SO DONE. I could write a 4,000 word essay on assholes and karma are soul mates. And that I should be the Queen of Karma. All in favour, say aye. Not to get too personal because this blog is NOT about negativity but positivity. I sound like my Kindergarden teacher who told tiny human me that sharing is caring and that that cake is not just me… Just kidding I never had a problem with sharing…Except for when it comes to books.. OKAY I’M VEERING OFF TOPIC. All in all, don’t let those assholes ruin your day. You make a good day for yourself not others who try to mess it ALLL up for you. There is lots of love from me to you. MUAH  ❤

Last but not least, let’s talk about damage control. I was supervising these children at a dance recital and a sweet little girl knocked her teeth off someone’s head and started to cry in terror that her tooth was going to fall out and it would hurt. (Sweetie, she won’t even know what hits her when she gets homework or deals with boys *cough* I mean assholes of all sorts) I think of my ability to interact with children as good days and bad days. Most of the time, I have bad days with children. However, this time was a good day. I took her to the bathroom and calmed her down. I talked to her and soothed her. I was mature and talked to her like she was her age. This was moment when I learned that I want to have more good days with children than bad days. I want to hone this skill to think clearly in a traumatic event. I tend to be flighty and overthink. Now, I’m striving to be clearheaded in high pressure situations, which is odd cause I know that I work better under pressure.

So, that’s the real talk for today. 🙂

What are you proud to say you fail at? Was there a time for you when you realized that failing is okay? Can you name a moment where you are proud of yourself for failing the first times then achieving it later? Assholes are not fun, amiright? Comment something you want to say to those dealing with assholes. Do you work better under pressure?! What do you think of these types of posts? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for chatting with me, bookies! (duckies, bookies… I’m just trying names out okay?)

Keep calm and read on,


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