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Reading on the couch or reading on the bed?

Definitely the bed. It’s where all my late night reading occurs, and where I can cry into my pillow because the feels are inevitable. My bedroom is also MINE, so it’s my safe haven and my quiet place.


Main character: Male or Female?

Doesn’t matter to me, but I’ve read more female main characters more often than male. (Does that mean I’m subconsciously bias?! This has to change!!) Someone recommend awesome novels with males as the main character!!

Sweet or salty snacks while reading??


Trilogies or quartets?

Can I say the number doesn’t matter? Statistically, I’ve enjoyed more trilogies, but I’m not picky when it comes to the number of books in a series. If it is written well and the world to the characters are great, I really don’t care. Some series are unnecessarily long but I still push through and read them.

So because I’m more prone to reading and enjoying more trilogies than quartets, I choose that.

First Person or Third Person POV?

I prefer first person but third person is just as good. Third person brings more POVs which I like a lot but first person is more personal, and it’s easier for me to get sucked into the character’s life, feelings and actions. (I’m going to takeover your mind #mindcontrol)

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter to me because most of the time it’s done well. (I said, most of the time)

Night or morning reader?

NIGHT READER HANDS DOWN. It’s like when it reaches midnight, I gain the energy of ten million fangirls and can read two books until 3am. It’s scary how attentive (and inattentive) I can be at night.

Libraries or book stores??

Please don’t make me choose. *whimpers*

Both are equally amazing, and I refuse to say one is better than the other.


Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

I love crying. It makes me feel like I have emotions. Books that make me cry are amazing, but I love books that can make me laugh out loud too. I gotta take Romana’s answer for this one.

Books that can do both. ❤

Black or White book covers??

BLAAACK. It matches my soul.

I find black covers are classy as hell, and can be absolutely stunning.


Character driven or plot driven stories?

Yikes. That’s a hard one.

I gotta say, character driven because making decisions aka driving plot, is very much based on character personality and development. (Did I find a loophole to this question?! 😮 )

For me, if I don’t like the characters, I’m almost 99.999% sure I won’t enjoy the novel, even if the plot is amazing and cool.

I nominate:

Thanks again to Romana for this tag!

There are more tags coming your way!! Stay tuned! ❤


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