5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading THAT Book


At least once in our long bookish lives, we hit that moment where we want to start reading a book but we just can’t. I call it the reading slump. For the purpose of this post, I need you to think of the book that you’ve been trying to read. It’ll probably be a book you haven’t read before and it’s been pending for a long time. You just haven’t actually picked it up yet. You can practically envision the title and book cover in your mind. I’m sure you do, us bookworms have a pretty nice flatscreen TV in our heads. It’s the one that’s been nagging you for a while. Got it? Okay, now I’m going to convince you to read it.


This book has probably been showing up everywhere: in your feed, on your Goodreads, at your local bookstore, on your friends’ shelves. IT. IS. EVERYWHERE. The book is practically stalking you. When you forget about this book, it can’t have that, so it’s gotta show up again…and again and again. Like that stupid zit on your nose when it’s that time of the month. Or like that crush that never seems to go away. It just can’t leave you alone!!

Buuuut, they always show up in the best ways!! (Despite being utterly annoying at how persistent it is at screaming out to you, Read me! Read me!)

Like it’s a miracle when you find a book you’ve been thinking about reading about and it’s on sale at your local bookstore. 50% off any book?? SIGN. ME. UP. Bookworms are essentially broke so when we get unexpected sales, we have to grab it and leave before it’s too late!

Other examples are giveaways, ARCs, or a friend can lend it to you, or it’s at your local library; either way the book is somehow accessible, so is there really an excuse to say no?? (No, there isn’t.)

These are all signs from the book gods telling you TO GO READ IT! I mean this post kinda speaks for itself you know?


# 2 – Everyone is telling you to!!

Now don’t give me that attitude about sticking to the status quo. Nah uh. THIS is the perfect time to just go with it, and read THAT book everyone is talking about! And I mean you can’t resist critiquing about whether or not it meets your expectations, right? I know someone who’s read Twilight, just to say that it’s horrible.

Not only that, people keep recommending THAT book to you! I mean what’s stopping you? Recommendations are like the book gods personally giving you a free book. You cannot defy the book gods. It’s a direct message, it would be rude if you ignored it.


# 3 – Conquer that TBR!

It’s not getting any smaller.

make it stop.gif

# 4 – There can NEVER be too many fandoms to join.

Reading novels means joining a fandom and hardcore shipping (or hardcore hating it). I say that it’s worth reading the novel to see if you can join this new fandom that is going to probably bring you down will the feels. Anything to join new fandoms because being part of a fandom is the best feeling in the world and you can never ever leave. 😈


# 5 – Cause I Told You So!

I mean this is pretty obvious, but I know what I’m talking about (most of the time) so this is my little push for all the book addicts out there to read that book that is collecting dust on your shelf or on your TBR. I can’t count how many times I kinda drifted off reading a novel, and it ends up never being read until the next year. I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU. This is the perfect time to read an anticipated novel, the ARC you’ve been pushing off, or start that series you’ve been meaning to start for the longest time!


#6* – You have nothing better to do.

Okay, there are many situations why you aren’t reading right now. Book hangovers, reading slumps, you’re sleeping, or you’re on my blog💁 There are so many reasons! Whatever the reason, I think it’s time you get back on the horse and start reading. Hell, it can be a reread. Because you miss it. You miss the pages, and you miss the worlds. You miss reading.

giphy (1).gif

Same here fetus Josh Hutcherson, same here. (That better be him or things are gonna get real awkward)


boot camp 2.gif

*Okay, I know it says 5 reasons but 6 reasons wouldn’t have sounded good, okay?! 😇

If you had to convince someone to go read a book, what would you do and/or say? Did I convince you at all?? Are you an aggressive or gentle recommender?? I’d say I’m pretty aggressive when it comes to suggesting telling forcing my friends to read the books I love. 😇


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3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading THAT Book

  1. This is such a cute post! I enjoyed reading it. 😂 It depends on who I’m talking to and how much I love the book. I can be pretty friendly and calm when I recommend books, if asked. However, when I finish reading a book that just blew my mind, I cannot help but proclaim my love for this book to the world!!!


    • Thank you so much Shealea!! ❤ I had a lot of fun writing it. XD I think we all have that intense 'recommender' in all of us. It just takes a special type of book (THE BEST KIND OF BOOK) to bring it out. But, yea I can be pretty calm, cool, collected when recommending books as well. Whenever one of my friends is looking for a book to read, I get really "professional" sometimes.


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