Monthly Wrap Up: October 2016


Happy Halloween!!!

This October has been super eventful…in real life. My blogging life? Eh, not so much. I tried my best but sometimes life just got in the way. ūüė¶ October didn’t bring a lot of reviews but I have a massive post coming to you soon to make up for the reviews. I finally found a name for quick reviews, and it has an alliteration in it!! *squee* BEST. THING. EVER. It just came to me one day, and it was perfect!! Can’t wait to release this!! (Hopefully soon, like November soon)

Anyway, I want these Monthly Wrap Ups to be a newsletter of some sorts, so despite no reviews, I still got some exciting bookish stuff to share with you guys!

Let’s get started!

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The 7 Phases of Every Book Hangover (In No Particular Order*) Explained in GIFs



Ah, the inevitable consequence of reading too many awesome novels. When authors just decide to take your feelings and put ’em in a blender and just pulverized them. It’s a wonderful but exhausting feeling. You get me?

You know, i think book hangovers are a valid excuse for missing work, school or any horrible life-sucking outing you have to go to.¬†It’s practically the equivalent to the flu!!! IT’S JUST WORST AND LESS GROSS. (That’s a win right there)¬†If I were to tell someone who doesn’t understand book hangovers, I would get the weirdest look ever.¬†I say book hangovers should be universal knowledge and eligible for work/school absences. Just saying.

Anyway, I decided to outline and identify some distinct phases or moments of a typical book hangover we book addicts encounter.

Let’s get started shall we?

*There is totally an order to this…But this is a free world and people are different so your book hangover might not be the same as my book hangover. But you know, if this isn’t what your book hangover looks like that’s okay, we¬†won’t judge you too hard.

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The Fallen Movie Trailer Came Out?!?


On September 21st, 2016, Fallenatics woke up to the official Fallen movie trailer. Emilie @ Fiction Is My Reality and I have been following the movie production since day one and we were both going absolutely crazy with the news. However, it was rather out of the blue because wouldn’t Lauren Kate publicize the hell out of the release of a trailer fans have been waiting at least¬†three freaking years¬†for instead of dropping it with no warning??¬†Lauren Kate wrote a blog post¬†explaining the situation the next¬†day.

So what exactly happened and what are Fallenatics going to do now that we have access to¬†rewatching that trailer over and over again???Read More »

October 2016: Most Anticipated Releases


This October, I have much better luck with book releases as I have 5 instead of the sad 3 last month.¬†ūüėā At the same time, I didn’t make a single dent in that list or my TBR in general, so this is one step closer to going to an asylum as I crazily run around and sob over my overbearing list of TBR. (But that is the book nerd life so I’m proud at the same time…) Yes, I’m conflicted.

This is a big month in the YA world as 3/5 of my Most Anticipated are the conclusions of much loved trilogies!! So, it’s a rather bittersweet October as¬†I’m full of happiness and excitement but I’m going to be super sad it’s over.

Let’s check out these beauties!

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