The Fallen Movie Trailer Came Out?!?


On September 21st, 2016, Fallenatics woke up to the official Fallen movie trailer. Emilie @ Fiction Is My Reality and I have been following the movie production since day one and we were both going absolutely crazy with the news. However, it was rather out of the blue because wouldn’t Lauren Kate publicize the hell out of the release of a trailer fans have been waiting at least three freaking years for instead of dropping it with no warning?? Lauren Kate wrote a blog post explaining the situation the next day.

So what exactly happened and what are Fallenatics going to do now that we have access to rewatching that trailer over and over again???

The trailer the whole world saw was the international trailer of Fallen. Most of the time, these trailers are longer and tend to give us a bigger sneak peek of the movie…which this trailer did. Like practically the whole movie. And like my initial suspicions (which I ignored), it was released earlier than expected. LK said on her blog that a US trailer would be coming shortly and that the International trailer would be released sometime next month. Seeing that she posted this on September 22nd, does she mean October?? So, would that also mean the US trailer will be released very very soon?? We can only hope.

Now, let’s address the lack of advertisement for this movie because it is awful that not a lot of people have known about it. There have been no movie posters, or interviews or ANYTHING Fallen movie-related. There was also a lot of information missing in the trailer. Like no release date at the end?? (yes, that is a plethora amount of information, I’m totally not hyperbolizing) Since the day film rights were bought for LK’s novel, Emilie and I have been waiting for that official release date so we could mark our calendars and let everyone know we would drop off the face of the earth that day because we would be at that premiere. To have a trailer and no date was absolutely torturous. (LK did mention in her blog post that with the premiere of the US trailer, it would also release the date!!) So what did we end up doing on September 21st?

We watched that trailer over and over again and showed anybody who would listen and watch with us. AKA everyone. Em and I also talked about how we would incorporate the Fallen movie topic in our blogs and what “special” posts we would write. I decided on a recap, which I immediately began after school by rereading the book and finishing Fallen in less than 24 hours. Although we were much older now, the books left such a huge mark on our bookish souls that the trailer reignited our childhood love for this series. This is definitely one of my cherished childhood series that is very close to my heart.

I really can’t emphasize how long Em and I have been waiting for this. From August 2013 when Addison Timlin and Jeremy Irvine were cast as Luce and Daniel to when they began filming at the start of February 2014. I remember Emilie checking LK’s blog almost every single day to check for updates. The movie was supposed to be released in 2015, but was pushed back and now here we are. Just moments away from seeing another book turned movie and praying to the book gods that it’s good and the wait was worth it.

The question is: what did this trailer tell us about this movie?

My initial reaction was both excitement and disappointment because those glowing wings weren’t doing it for me. I understand it would have to be some awesome CGI to create the wings I visualized when reading the books, but they looked so horrible and weird. Like I never thought their wings were made out of light. It might just be me and it’s such a tiny issue, but like corporeal wings?! I definitely like wings with the physical feathers like a bird. Is this something I could grow to accept then later love? Probably.

Another thing that bothered me was Luce possibly voluntarily choosing to fall off the roof??? A) that never happened in the book and B) IS SHE GOING TO BE SOME WEAK GIRL WHO NEEDS A BOY TO SAVE HER BECAUSE I WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT. I mean, why would Luce even want to fall off the roof and die???? That makes no sense to me, and I won’t have them portray Luce like that. Keep in mind, as this is a trailer, there are many missing pieces of information, so probably watching the movie will make it all make sense. I’m not overly worried about this aspect; I just want to watch the movie and find out what’s going on.

Most of the trailer looks true to the book because I was getting a sense of déja vu seeing those scenes come to life. Seriously, this is one of the beautiful things of books becoming screenplays as you get to see that book re-imagined and come to life. There’s the pool scene and when Luce and Danial bump in the library. I absolutely love how the shadows turned out. Looks all inky, ominous and dark. *squeals*

The falling statue part was truly corny and I snorted and rolled my eyes at that. It was waaay too much for me. Like it was cute, but that definitely doesn’t happen in real life and you can tell. I love it when movies can suck me into their world to the point where I think it might be real or I wish it were real. This trailer didn’t hit that level of awesomeness.

Let’s just say, the one thing I am 100% happy about is the casting. I think these directors/producers nailed the casting for this movie. Daniel looks all swoony and BBF material; Luce has that energy about her that reflects the books; Penn is exactly what I pictured her to look like; Cam has long dark hair which has Dimitri Belikov vibes and I still have to rewatch the trailer a few more times to identify Molly, Gabbe and Arianne. Overall, I’m not mad about it; it’s pretty damn good.

As you can already tell, there is no structure to this post at all, so I’m going to jump back to the beginning of the trailer where it states that this movie is “From the company that gave you the Twilight Saga”. Oh boooy. This got me heated. First, Twilight is unanimously black sheeped as the horrible movie about vampires (The books weren’t bad okay!), so if you automatically label this movie as related to Twilight, people are going to react and lose interest. Why would advertisement even mention that?? These guys are doing a great job at publicity. Sheesh. Next, I was totally getting Twilight vibes once that little proclamation got stuck in my brain. Now, I’m terrified this is going to be exactly like Twilight but with angels and a better story line. DO YOU KNOW HOW TERRIFYING THAT IS?! Even the music has Twilight-esque vibes!! Needless to say, this makes me really really nervous.

Another element of the trailer that could be critiqued to a negative degree would be the fact that it spoils the whole book/movie!!! I absolutely hate it when a book synopsis or movie trailers spoil the whole plot line. This is toeing the line of picky on my part because I’ve read the book, I have high expectations, and this factor never affects my love or hate for a movie or book. Alas, I’m too curious for my own good so this type of thing never disinterests me. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, OTHER PEOPLE won’t be interested if they know this rather corny and cliché storyline from the get-go. Do we, or do we not want this movie to be successful?!? However, it’s also WE MUST LOVE THIS BOOK FOR ALL ITS FLAWS WHICH AREN’T EVEN FLAWS!!

Now, the thing that is getting me all swoony and puddle-y of goo is that THE ROMANCE AND CHEMISTRY LOOKS SO GOOD!!! 😍😍😍 (Save for that corny falling statue scene, still not over how grossly cute that was) I imagined Luce and Daniel falling in love again in my head the whole time and it looks so promising and amazing and I really think the producers nailed the chemistry and the feelings of Luce and Daniel. I don’t think my soul can handle how giddy I’m going to be when I see the movie and all those swoony scenes with Luce and Daniel are in there. So this and from what I saw in the trailer, the upcoming movie looks like it won’t be repeat of Percy Jackson. I’m just going to cross my fingers and toes that this won’t become exactly like Twilight in the sense of stereotyping and the automatic “it’s horrible” label. I would love this franchise to be as successful as the Twilight Saga though. That would be all kinds of awesome.

(What many don’t understand is that Twilight made so much money so it’s gotta be good in some aspects right??)

Overall, I’m hella excited for this movie to come out!! I’ll be patiently (not really) waiting for the release of the US trailer. I really hope the movie comes out soon though!! It’s been a very long wait!!

Oh! And here’s the link to the trailer! You know, the one I’ve been talking for say…5 minutes about! 😛

Now it’s your turn to critique!!  Have any of you bookworms read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate? What did you think of the books? If you have watched the trailer what do you think of it?? First impressions?!? Do you think the movie will be any good? Are you excited?? Disappointment? Indifferent? If you haven’t watched the trailer, GO DO IT. STOP LIVING UNDER A ROCK AND WATCH IT. … 😇😊😘


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