beforethefloodToday is my birthday, but that’s not important. It’s relevant because when people who love and care about you wish you a happy birthday, something so small, and so simple, you tend to just appreciate life a little more. For me, today being it my birthday reminded me of the life I have, and caused me to wonder about my future, and the future of mankind. This lead me to watch this eye-opening documentary.

This is a call to everyone who reads this, watch the documentary, Before the Flood and join Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores, unearths, and addresses climate change all over the world, and how we, as human beings, have destroyed our home planet, and how we can hopefully being it back to life.

You can watch it for free on YouTube, but I’ve heard rumours it will be removed after today, whether the link I provided you above is no longer available after today; buy it, rent it, it will still be available for you to watch it.

It would be a damn shame that you don’t watch this empowering and enlightening documentary about the future of our world.

What’s so interesting about this documentary is that Leonardo DiCaprio was just as unaware of what is going on as almost every single one of us in the world. He had the means to explore and to connect with people who can tell us what is actually going on so he and us, can know more about the fate of our environment.

This is a gift. He used his resources to give us the answers, and the ability to make a difference for our future children, to our loved ones, and to our home. Take it. Appreciate it. And change from it.

I ask you to watch and to share. To be educated and to hope for change.



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