Monthly Wrap Up: November 2016



Man, has time gone by or what?! I didn’t even realize it was the start of a new month until the first day of it!! So, yes I’m late on my Wrap Up.

Again, been taking some time off, but I’m always thinking about you and this blog. Hopefully when I have more time, I can make it up to you by writing about the fun ideas I’ve brainstormed while not paying attention in my classes. My stress is at a tolerable level, I just have to make sure I understand the content so I’m not cramming before the test.

I’m starting to think of my Wrap Ups as newsletters but alas, I cannot change the name now. 😂 I will slowly condition you. 😏

Read on to learn more about a new feature I began in November, my first LGBT novel, and my little (big?) reaction to the Beauty and the Beast trailer!



This month I tested a new feature called Review Rampage which is a mega post of mini book reviews.I really like the idea of this feature because it forces me to review more books, but also get my thoughts in order and to the point.

Review Rampage | Contemporary Madness, Dragons (!!), and Disappointing Time Travelling Trope

Here is the list of books I reviewed:


3.5/5 stars: MY FIRST LGBT NOVEL!!! I think this was the perfect novel to kickstart a new type of shipping because ohmylord was I shipping. It was such a cute read; I was squealing and awe-ing the whole time. However, I did find it childish and amateur at times especially from Ruby’s POV. I get her role in the story but I just hated her chapters and wanted to punch her in the face.

Never going through that myself, I do want to know if the struggle with coming out was accurately portrayed in the novel. In my opinion, I wanted more internal struggle with discovering your sexuality but that might just be me?

This was a positive experience for me so if anyone has recommendations please leave them in the comments below!

5/5 stars: HOLY SHIIIIT. THAT IS HOW YOU END A BOOK. Non-stop praise at all levels of literature. Lots of crime-stopping, plot twisting and jaw dropping! If you haven’t already, pick up this fabulous series about gifted young adults solving murders.

I’m so sad this series is done, and every part of me wants a spin-off or a longer epilogue but I know that’s never going to happen. The ending is left open ended but it’s satisfying as much as it can be. I think all readers will be happy with how Barnes ended the stories.

5/5 stars: This sings to my poetic soul. I adore this novel. This is filled with haunting poems about life, love, loss, abuse and acceptance. Words cannot express how blown away I was with this piece of art. Look out for the audiobook by the author herself who happens to be a spoken word performer.

This is a super quick read and just a beautiful creation. I recommend to all poetry fanatics and those who are looking to delve into this new genre.

4/5 stars: So I was listening to Disney music and A Whole New World came on from Aladdin, and I was going to watch the movie (I’ve actually never watched Aladdin) but being my booknerd self, I decided to find a retelling of Aladdin instead, and this novel is what I found. Let me tell you, not disappointed in the least. It was very satisfying to find exactly what I wanted.

This novel is full of fantasy, hints of romance, and all kinds of badass from the main character. I did skim and found some parts unnecessary like some romantic pieces but all in all, I loved this novel through and through.

Needless to say, I’m officially obsessed with Arabian-themed retellings.

Copy of SmallerMonthly Wrap Ups Subtitle ACtual

Review Rampage is a new feature but I already mentioned it above so go check that out too!

-November 2016: Most Anticipated Releases


Now it’s time for that monthly thing where I share links from my internet history because that’s how I get down and personal. Jokes aside, so many awesome stuff happened last month!!

  • EpicReads gives us the best of both worlds: cats & books. My heaven. 😍
  • Four words. Red. Queen. Colouring. Book. ‘Nough said.
  • Emma Watson is perfect and I worship her. Check our her participation in Books Underground where she is now a BOOK FAIRY!!!
  • I love the Beauty and the Beast trailer comparisons, here’s two which I think are really good. One, and Two.
  • Check out this new technology that promotes Phone-Free club experiences
  • And read this article about, Heraa Hashami, a 19-year old Muslim who did a wonderful job educating an ignorant student and the rest of the internet about her religion. Thumbs up to her.


  • I went on a trip to Ottawa last week with my school’s international students and loved it so much! I bonded with the students and made friendship bracelets too. I hope they had as much fun as I did. We got a tour of the Parliament, and went to the Canadian Museum of History.
  • My school’s Senior Girls Basketball team went to OFSAA where the top provincial basketball team standings compete against one another as the top girls’ basketball team in the province. In my last year of high school, this is an experience that I will never forget. This is an opportunity that all should experience at least once in their lives. So grateful for my teammates and coaches. ❤
  • IB is killing me. I have so many due dates ahead of me for EE, IAs and tests before Christmas break. I’ve been an amazing procrastinator too which really isn’t the best idea… Hence, I’m blogging instead of studying Poe (Sorry, Ms. Lessard!)
  • Totally upped my Instagram game this month. I.E. being more serious and frequent about my posts. I’m starting to go insane with buying bookish swag to use in my pictures. 😂 I NEED MORE FLOWERS, AND LEAVES AND FAKE NATURE.
  • I don’t know if you noticed but I redesigned my blog header…again. I love it, again. I’m very talented at not studying or doing my assignments. 😂


That concludes my Monthly Newsletter! And now onto December! This is the last month of 2016… I have 17 more books to read to complete my Goodreads Reading Challenge and I’m not panicking. Nope, not at all. I really don’t know how I’ll be able to read when I’m off to university when I’m barely able to read in high school… I shall pray for the ability to time manage.

How was your November?? Reading wise? Life in general? What are the last books on your TBR from 2016??! Let me know in the comments below!


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