My Year in Books | 2016 Recap + A Glimpse of 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!! (5 days late but you know, better late than never? 😅) *insert noisemakers, confetti poppers, and fireworks display* 2017 probably won’t set in until I stop writing 2016 on my notes (let’s be honest that will be 6 months from now) So many things have happened so before I face 2017 head on, let’s have a little* throwback on this bookish year.

*it’s definitely not little. Prepare yourselves, this is going to be a long one


My Year in Books

**All books are from the 100 books I’ve read this year**

2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge


Confession: My goal was actually 111 books, but that didn’t look promising so I lowered it to 100 which I did end up reaching.

Total Pages: 32,232
Average Length: 329 pages
Average Rating: 4.1 stars

Longest Book of the Year

(698 pages)


Shortest Book of the Year

(9 pages)


Tearjerker of the Year


CoHo practically had me sobbing through the whole book. Most life-changing novel I’ve read that took my heart and ripped it into pieces. The emotions I felt while reading this is one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. [Review]

Best World Building of the Year

star touched queen

I loved the imagery in this novel. Chokshi did a wonderful job painting the world Maya enters and beyond. This novel is so intricately written, and I can’t wait to enter the world again in the sequel, A Crown of Wishes. [Review]

Epic Ending of the Year


This series I began and finished in 2016. I devoured this trilogy. I love it so freaking much, you have no idea how much this makes me fangirl. I honestly recommend this trilogy to everyone. IT’S SOOO GOOOD!! ❤️❤️

Cover Love of the Year


You have to say, this is a beautiful and haunting cover. It is why I picked it for the best cover of the year. The book is just as beautiful on the inside as the outside. 😍😍 [Review]

New Discovered Author of the Year

  • Lauren Layne
  • Victoria Aveyard
  • Marie Rutkoski

These authors have a place in my heart, and by that I mean bookshelves. I will always read their books as they have captured a new fangirl through their beautiful storytelling.

Debut Author of the Year


NICOLA YOON!! ❤️❤️ Author of Everything, Everything, Yoon is a talented author that has appealed to my bookish self through her unique prose.

Most Disappointing Read of the Year


I cannot express how pissed off this book makes me. I absolutely despised this novel with a passion. Horribly written, super boring, the main character is a damsel in distress, and I skimmed the last quarter of the book (So I kind of DNF’d it but I didn’t at the same time??) AAAGGHHHH!! 😠😠

Hidden Gem of the Year


This is the first audiobook I completed this year and it’s life messages make it a hidden gem. A group of girls who used to be the closest friends discover the meaning behind friendship and love by travelling back in time to the year of their final summer camp. This book is so precious and honest that I’m glad it was my first audiobook experience.

Romance of the Year


BEST. LOVE. STORIES. EVER. I died of happiness and tears. [Review: November 9]

Action/Fantasy of the Year

25494343179273959d8d48245110ae059007de293a699fde28260587106265942317427423308084hp and cursed childmirror king

Did you really think I’m capable of choosing just one for this category?? 😂😂 (I had to cut this list down, and it hurt me so much. It was like cutting a limb off)

Rereads of the Year

18798983179273952549434324445517125780779d8d48245110ae059007de293a699fde251110041757174218081228wrath and dawn2363658117568644

This doesn’t even show how many books I reread this year. (Probably 50+) Mostly because I’ve already forgotten which books I read. Also, let’s make a comment on how horribly displayed these book covers are..THEY AREN’T EVEN. It’s like my bookshelf… the books aren’t the same sizes.

Ultimate Recommendation of the Year


Pretty much all the books I mention in this post are recommendations but this poetry contemplation by Rupi Kaur is my love of 2016. It’s poignant, it’s absolutely beautiful. It was a super fast read for me, and I need to go get my own copy or I will seriously hoard the library’s copy in my room.

OTP of the Year


RHYS AND FEYRE. *insert millions of hearts* This OTP has blown the YA world by storm and we can all say that SJM is a queen at ships? Like she is the queen of ships. My lockscreen is a Rhys quote (“to the stars who listen and the dreams that are answered”) and I’m just dying of love for this couple. I need ACOWAR. I need my Rhys and my Feyre back.

Book of the Year


I was so torn deciding this one because I read so many great books this year!! I mean I had an average rating of 4.1. That’s pretty damn good. I had to pick A Court of Mist and Fury not only for the ships but also for the feminist ideals weaved throughout the novel, and also the beautiful storytelling and friendship as well. Feyre goes through some amazing character development and I think that the book did focus on more than just the ships. SJM did some vibrant world building and captivated so many readers across the world with this book.


My Year in Blogging

I resumed blogging in 2016 and began it seriously with Addictively Turning Pages. (I wrote on a group blog before blogging solo) And boy, has it been a journey.

I redesigned my blog 3 times.


My Most Viewed Post Was:

Recap-AEITA by Sabaa Tahir

The Posts I Had The Most Fun Writing Were:


My Bookish Discoveries

  • SOCIETY6. Society6 has so much merch by aspiring artists about all the bookish fandoms you can think off. The prices are reasonable and all of it is so cuuute!! My wallet is going to start crying in 2017 because I’m probably going to go on a online shopping splurge.
  • Bookstagram. I was really hesitant in starting a bookstagram because I don’t have the best materials for taking pictures. I got over this and now I’m obsessed with bookstagram. I have bought so much fake nature and so many more books just so I could take pictures of them. I’ve always been into photography so this is a great creative outlet on the side. It’s also cool to see what I can do with an IPhone.
  • StationaryI love stationary. I love notebooks. I love pens. I love highlighters. I got into this because I like brainstorming in notebooks about blog posts and that just escalated into an addiction in buying notebooks that I probably won’t use for another year because I haven’t even finished my first blogging notebook. Through this, I’m now obsessed with aesthetically beautiful note-taking for school. I spend way too much time making my notes pretty and not actually studying the content…

My Most Memorable Moment

I think this was more of a succession of moments put all together. It was interacting with fellow book nerds and bloggers. Why I’m going to continue to blog is because of all you reading this and those who have commented or liked my content. I also love blog hopping and reading all of your content too! Blogging has permanently made a spot into my life and that is something I’m never going to forget.


Looking Forward

Upcoming 2017 Release To Look Forward To


Releasing on February 7th, I can’t wait for this one to be in my hands! I got a lot more 2017  anticipated releases but as of right now, this one is on my mind 24/7. Along with ACOWAR, Lord of Shadows, Flame in the Mist, A Crown of Wishes, and By Your Side, of course!

Next Read


Knowing me, this is probably going to change in less than 24 hours. I’ve been in a reading slump lately and I’m hoping 2017 is going to bring a novel that will get me out of it. I’ve just been rereading right now, but also doing the readings for my English class.

2017 Blogging Goals

  • Hopefully to post more, but I don’t know if I can do that… So I’m going to rephrase it, as making more time for blogging and trying to fit it better into my life.
  • Grow my Instagram feed!
  • Get an ARC!!
  • Go to a book signing

Pretty sure only half is going to be attainable and those are going to be the first two but I’m hopeful! 😀


Well that’s a quick look at my 2016!! That was a very long post, so if you made it, pat on the back to you! I hope you had an amazing 2016 and I wish you happiness and adventure in 2017. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, and I’m thankful for all you wanting to take this ride with me *starts getting teary-eyed* You have all made my 2016 a great year and 2017 is going to be even better. Thank you. 😘😘

How was your 2016? What is your Book of the Year? Which book(s) would you recommend? What book(s) are you looking forward to read in 2017?? I want to know what your New Year’s resolution is!! 


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8 thoughts on “My Year in Books | 2016 Recap + A Glimpse of 2017

  1. I really like this post! It looks like it was fun to write by highlight certain books, authors, and your blog posts with different awards. The Star-Touched Queen intrigued me (I love a good novel that can build a new world well) so I checked out a synopsis and now I want to read it – thank goodness my local library has it – so thank you for that! That’s now added to my TBR for 2017, so I’ll be looking forward to reading that within the next few months. I’ve got Victoria Aveyard on my list, too, but for me I’ll be starting at book 1.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I did have a lot of fun writing this. 😊 I definitely struggled with choosing just one title though😂 I’m so glad you were interested in the Star-Touched Queen! Mind you, I wasn’t actually sold by it at first. Definitely lots of room the author could improve on. Hope you enjoy it though!! RED QUEEN WILL BE GOOD. ITS SUPER BORING IN THE BEGINNING BUT IT GETS GOOD!!! Push through it. Anyways, happy reading!! 🙈


  2. I have that ACOMAF quote as my lock screen too!! It would be crazy if we have the same picture 😂😂. I also have a phone case with it on there. I may or may be a bit too obsessed with that quote haha. It Ends With Us was definitely one of my tear jerkers too and Rhys and Feyre!! And I’m really looking forward to King’s Cage as well. I hope you have a fantastic 2017 and complete all of your goals, Michelle! 💕😊

    Liked by 1 person

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