First Reaction to Shadowhunters Season 2 AKA Snarking Episode 1 Like There’s No Tomorrow


Season 2 of Shadowhunters is finally upon us and guys, I’m impressed. I’ve been hesitant in watching the first episode because Season 1 didn’t leave any lasting impressions…positive ones anyway. Boy, did I have a lot of negative things to say. Anyway, I finally watched it and holy moly, I think Season 2 might actually be good??!

While watching the episode, I was actually writing notes and recording my own comments on what was happening on screen. I would love to give you a video of my reaction but I didn’t prepare that well; as in I don’t have a camera. So, this is a post of me snarking the first episode of Shadowhunters!

Enjoy! ❤️

Note: If difficult to follow, try to imagine the episode in your head? Or possibly watch the episode as you read this? These are my comments as the episode is playing. Yes, I know, a video would be much better…

DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS AHEAD and anything in quotations is probably paraphrasing and not accurate whatsoever. Actual quotes will be bold or blockquoted


*episode begins*

Okay. Why the heck is Clary just standing there while Jace fights for her?! I absolutely despised Clary in Season 1. I think Kat needs to act better and this is not a promising start to the episode.

DUDE. HELP HIM. Annd, Valentine is dead… okay, hold on a minute, this is totally a dream or something. Glamour? Demons? I remember in the book, Valentine’s ship is protected by a demon who feeds on a Shadowhunter’s fear by becoming the one they love/care the most. Is this like that?

Valentine has appeared again, all whole and fleshy. Annnd, Jace kills him a second time, WHILE CLARY JUST STANDS THERE. Note: there is actually BLOOD this time around because you know, when Jace killed Valentine the first time, we all assumed he ran out of blood. Negative point for director for forgetting that important info.

Valentine Kill Count: 2 + all those Shadowhunters on the ship

So, now Valentine Carbon Copy #2 is deglamourized as another Shadowhunter, and Clary becomes the actual Valentine. It was practically a test of loyalty for Jace. Result: HE FAILED. HARD.

Valentine tells his evil minions to “Put him in chains so I can make him love me like the amazing father that I am.”

There’s a new intro that is much better than the old one. It’s super dramatic though…

*we are now at the Institute*

Everyone is pretty much running around trying to find Jace. Everyone thinks he’s a traitor. Alec is MOODY. Wow. You’re being an asshole to everyone, Alec!! *cries* (He just really wants his parabatai back.)

Asshole Count: 1

I love how loyal they all are. Even Lydia cares. #squadgoals

OHMYGOSH. Magnus!! Flashback of Malec wedding kiss flashes before my eyes. Alec just pulled away from Magnus’ touch!! NOOOO!! 😖😖😭😭

*scene change to greenhouse??*

Clary and Jocelyn have a mother-daughter reunion. Clary is “mad” at her (I get the point, but I’m just not feeling the anger??) Clary quickly forgives her mother… Okay, maybe you could be a little bit more unforgiving. Your life has drastically changed, and if your mother just told you, all this crap could have been avoided.

*scene change again to rooftop??*

Alec and Magnus screen time!!

Malec Screen Time Count: 2

Man, Alec needs to chill. He’s practically yelling at Magnus for not helping him use his parabatai rune to find Jace. He’s trying, Alec!! Magnus doesn’t want to see you die!

“After all I’ve done for you!!! Can’t you just do your magic so I can track my parabatai and almost die in the process?”

Okay, buddy. What have YOU done Alec??? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?? Rocky times for Malec shippers already.

*scene change to Institute*

Recap: Lydia became Head of Institute to replace Maryse. Now, there’s a new Head?! Who the fuck is Victor Aldertree?? I vaguely remember this name?? *pauses episode and does research on Victor Aldertree*

OKAY. So, for those who have read the books, Inquisitor Aldertree is their inspiration for Victor Aldertree in the show. There’s too much to explain so I left a link that explains who Inquisitor Aldertree is in the novels. I completely forgot about him, but no wonder “Aldertree” sounded familiar..

*begins playing episode again*

So, Victor Aldertree is the Head of the Institute practically dethroning Lydia and now the squad has no one on the inside. Clary is super worried about her “brother”. Izzy says, “He’s super tough. He can survive Valentine. But he’s still totally caught up with his feelings for you.”

*cuts to Valentine’s ship*

ANNND JACE IS BEING BEAT. This is what he gets for not being loyal and trying to kill his “father”. Gotta say, this is pretty intense. Blood! There’s blood! Yay, Jace is not some glamourized copy!! Someone dumps a liquid on Jace and he reacts by screaming. I thought it was water?! He’s not a vampire either, so not holy water…IS IT HOT WATER?? Then they dump said hot water again, and Jace does not scream. ATTENTION: WATCHER IS CONFUSED.

Then Valentine comes in and stops this abuse and congratulates him for sustaining being beat by this big, bald tough guy with a goatee? What kind of father are you?!

Bad Father Count: 2

Jace is still clearly confused that he did NOT kill Valentine those 2 times, but he wants to kill him again. Atta boy.

*scene change*

Victor questions Clary and records her. She says things and then he smiles all smug and shit as he writes what I assume is “valuable” information that Clary has said. By valuable, I mean some detail he’s going to twist to fit his desire to make Jace a traitor.

Asshole Count: 2

Victor Aldertree then declares “He will find Jace”. Clary is weary of his intentions and I believe her!! Nice job!! Acting is much better now!

*scene change to Valentine cooking??*

Is this supposed to decrease my Bad Father Count? I think this is a great attempt to bring a paternal atmosphere to Jace and Valentine’s relationship. Definitely makes this tense, but hilarious. Also this makes Valentine a manipulative jerk for confusing our poor Jace!! 😡😡

Bad Father Count: 3

Jace grabs a knife and tries to kill Valentine. Man of his words. I like it.

Valentine continues to attempt at being father-like by taking Jace into a memory of… Valentine injecting demon blood into Jocelyn’s swollen belly when Jace was in the womb?? Okay, first, how did she not wake up?!? We shall now break for commercial as I now apply my Bio class to this episode.

During pregnancy, a woman can have a amniocentesis test performed which involves a sample of amniotic fluid being taken out. This procedure uses a long needle which is inserted at the lower part of of the swollen belly. It’s usually not extremely painful but women do feel pressure and discomfort when the needle is taken out.


Bad Father Count: 4 (Billion)

In the books, I believe Valentine sneaked demon blood into Jocelyn’s meals. I guess for the sake of Hollywood, people wouldn’t understand what was happening so let’s think of something more unrealistic!!

*scene change*

Malec Screen Time Count: 3

I’m going to be super sad aren’t I?

And Alec resumes his prickly self by being snarky to his S.O.

Asshole Count: 3

Magnus confronts Alec about the “risks” that he took that Alec mentioned during their last encounter. He also straight up addresses Alec’s rude behaviour. I believe this is a nice step towards a healthy relationship: talking about your problems and fighting it out. (No sarcasm. I actually think Magnus confronting Alec like this is what they both need and why they are good for each other)

Malec Scene closes with emotional lines:

Alec: Well, what do you want from me?
Magnus: At the moment…nothing.

*chest explodes with feels* Can you not tell this is my favourite ship on the show?

Emotional scene is interrupted by sirens blaring. It is for a warrant for Jace Wayland, Wanted. Dead or Alive.

Victor Asshole comes out and says “Thanks to my cleverness of twisting Clary’s words to help my own evil plan, I now have the evidence to order this warrant!”

Asshole Count: 4

Squad is flabbergasted. I know, me too. THEN. THEN, Victor Asshole goes and kicks out Downworlders’ Luke and Simon. He dismisses Luke’s resources as a cop, and then insults Simon for being small!! Victor Asshole proceeds to deny the rest of the squad’s involvement in the hunt for Jace. Nobody touches the squad!!! 😠

Asshole Count: 12

Then, we see the Clary fire described in the novels. Yes, Kat McNamara is doing a wonderful job as Clary. Who would have thought? We see the squad is loyal to Jace, and Victor Asshole mentions “deruning”. Yay! New world building element!

Episode continues as we cut to Luke and Simon at Jade Wolf Chinese Restaurant. Luke addresses Simon’s feelings for Clary. This sets up the development of Simon and Clary’s relationship that we see in the books. Luke leaves and the other werewolves gather around Simon.

Aw. the poor vamp. Simon, the showstopper, begins to “incanto” the wolves. I legit laughed out loud at this ridiculous scene. I can’t wait for his character arc this season! Simon gets locked up in the supply cellar, and goes into a canoe to sleep. But first, he’s gotta cross his arms?! *cue eye roll* C’mon really? How cliché was that? Okay.. I laughed at that. It was super corny.

*scene change to ship* (Too many scenes changes for life)

More father-son bonding time. Jace looks like he’s going to jump ship but Valentine demonstrates how that is a horrible idea by taking a living Shadowhunter (but not for long!), and shoving him over the glamour shield while his face burns off.

Jace + jumping = burnt toast

Also, did all those Shadowhunters come back to life?!? I mean I read the books but wouldn’t newbies be confused??

Valentine Kill Count: 3 + all those dead Shadowhunters that have now disappeared into thin air and resurrected??

Now, Jace is trapped on the ship. SHOW YOUR DOMINANCE OVER YOUR SON.

Bad Father Count: 5

*cut to training scene*

YAAASSS!! Does this look familiar?

Me: oooo! Art of War reference! I like!
Me: Okay, seeing that Clary fire again!
Me: Not feeling that sassy walk thing but points for last word in?

Next, we get a Alec and Maryse showdown in a park. We see Alec defend Magnus and Jace to his mother (GOOOO ALEC!!!). Serious parabatai goals. The show also happened to insert serious messages about life.

*scene cut*

Clary literally “becomes the enemy” by glamouring herself as the Victor Asshole. Very, very clever. Next, Clary and Simon get locked up in the supply cellar as Jocelyn tricks Clary into handing over her stele and phone.

Simon: First rule of shadowhunting: Don’t give anyone your phone and stele.
Clary: *glares* Thanks.

That was hilarious!! Love this dynamic duo.

*scene change to Malec*

Malec Screen Time: 4

Alec apologies to Magnus and this whole scene is FEELS. Alec uses the power of touch and seduction to convince Magnus to forgive him.

After, we get another great Simon and Clary BFF moment about Clary’s first hangover in Grade 10. Simon tries to confess his feelings for Clary but door of cellar falls away and they are now free. Vampy strength for the win.

Then, we see,

Malec Screen Time: 5

as Magnus agrees to help Alec use the parabatai rune to find Jace. (So when Malec makes up, let’s forget about why Magnus didn’t want to this in the first place??) Oh but no worries! Jace is back on land and Alec can sense him once again.

Valentine takes Jace to this pizza place. Again more father-son bonding where Valentine tells Jace that his attraction to Clary is because of his demon blood.

Bad Father Count: 6

Suddenly, a girl screams and Jace goes running into the pizza parlour. Oh, and the pizza parlour is now a den for vampires that feed on humans. FYI, that is illegal. Yup, you’re very smart Jace. Let’s run into a den of hungry vampires because (I’m assuming) the girl screaming is like Clary screaming and you must save Clary. He follows the screams and finds the vamps feeding. Then proceeds to kill them. Please explain why he must kill them? I’m confused about this plot.

Meanwhile, at the Institute, Victor Asshole and Maryse have found Jace. Izzy and Alec wish to be the one to bring him back. Asshole refuses and apprehends them. They curse, and try not to escape the feeble attempts of detainment?

Asshole Count: 13

Jace is still killing the next time we see him, but now Clary, Simon and Jocelyn are close.

Simon: *using his phone to track Jocelyn* She’s close!
Clary: Then run faster!
Simon: *incredulous* I’m a vampire. I’m running slow for you.

God, I love them so much. This episode is freaking great!

Jace chases head vampire, Maria, out of the parlour, and then breaks the Accords by killing her!! WHAT? Step towards Jace’s moral demise? Check.

Valentine Kill Count: 4 + yea all those resurrected Shadowhunters too + those vampires because that was ultimate manipulation on Valentine’s part

Asshole Count: 14

Jocelyn aims crossbow at Jace but Valentine steps in front of him and gets hit instead. Portal opens, and Jocelyn is notching her next arrow, which will be for Jace. Clary screams and says “No!” Jocelyn shoots and Jace and Valentine escape through the portal and the arrow presumably disappears with them. And if Harry Potter has taught me anything, I believe the arrow hit its mark?

Episode ends with dramatic zoom of Clary’s face as she looks at her mom in horror and says, “What have you done?” *gasp*


Overall, that was a pretty damn good premiere. Kat’s acting looks promising as she’s improving and they are staying true to the major storylines in the novels. Gold star for Shadowhunter Season 2 Episode 1!!

Have you watched Episode 1 yet? What did you think of it? What are your thoughts of the show in general? Let me know in the comments below!!


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