Status: Back from the Dead (Temporarily)

status-back from the dead

*steps out from the smoke in nothing but black tights, a black shirt, a black cape and a black mask*

The mask is necessary to hide my face because it has been through age and stress as I may have banged it against my textbooks way too many times.

Hi friends!! How are you?? What have I missed??


I want to do nothing but blog and post for bookstagram but I’ve been super focused on school these past months because of my upcoming IB exams this May. Not only, I’ve been in a reading slump for almost FOUR months!! 😭😭 *sigh* I blame it all on IB.

Jokes aside, I actually love school. I love studying and learning. All the subjects are interesting (BIOOOOLOGYY!! ❤️❤️), so I really can’t complain over the content. (I can totally complain over the load though… There’s a lot of information to study, people. I’m drowning in facts) But, after these IB exams, my classmates and I are all home free. We’ll just be binding time until we head off to university which I’m full out flailing over. I would jump ahead and babble over how going to university is both causing zits in weird places (TMI?) and turning my eyes into little hearts, buuuut I’m getting too far ahead, and I gotta take this one step at a time so… IB exams.

So, that explains my absence, and thank you to those who have continued to be with me while I descend/ascend into my personal hell/heaven. ❤️


(You thought I was done? *evil laugh* Never.)

As you may recall, I got interested in stationary a few months back… WELL. I ordered MUJI pens AND THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS ON EARTH. I love them. They write smoothly, and look very slick and colourful in the book nerd mug that is sitting on my desk. AND THEY ARE SO CHEAP ON AMAZON TOO!! Yes, I do believe I have found a forever friend.

Also, I still can’t decide whether I like the 0.5 or the 0.38 size yet. If any of you have opinions on this, let me know in the comments!

Moving on, I’ve also started playing school badminton which I’ve been trying to convince myself to play since Grade 9. Better late than never right? It’s my last year in high school, might as well do everything I can. Fear preventing me from trying something new stops now. (Probably not, but I’m slowly getting the hang of stepping outside my comfort zone. 😊) It’s a lot of fun and I suck at it, but it’s a lot of fun especially being with the people who I get to play and hang out with before and after practice so it’s absolutely worth it. AND I won’t regret not trying out because I finally went for what I wanted to do for four years. *rolls eyes* Geez, I could have been doing this for much longer if I just went ahead and TRIED. A few seconds of courage will change your life.

Moral of the story: Just do it! [insert Nike commercial here]

Well, those are all the updates for now. Yea, my life is boring…

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day/night and keeping being you cause you are awesome. 😘

Until after my IB exams,


P.S. I was totally procrastinating my review on Organic Chem… 😇 but I needed to talk to y’all again, and just blog, so. 🙂

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