Chapters Haul #1 | Savings jackpot that should be appreciated because now I have more BOOKS!


Okay, so this was maybe two/three weeks ago…and I wanted to take photos of these books for this post and I kept pushing it off until I finally said, “Let’s take pictures of EVERYTHING IN MY ROOM BECAUSE I’M BORED.” 😅

Let’s appreciate all those titles because I can finally say I own a copy of [insert book here]. Best Booknerd Feeling Ever. Period. To me, buying books is a declaration of love because I hardly buy books and borrow them instead. 👌

Chapters had a sale where you can buy 2 selected YA titles for $20! Twenty dollars. I obviously had to buy four and one was 3 bucks. (I’ll specify which books below)

*round of applause for the awesome deal the book gods have preached us with*

I got one sentence for you: I’m a happy fangirl.

Now, why did I buy these books?? What was going through my book-filled brain as I stood in front of the shelf for at least half an hour making a decision??Read More »

Library Haul #1 | Rereads, rereads and attempt #2

*singsongs* Aren’t libraries the most beautiful place in the world?! For the past few years, I hardly read physical copies of the books I read. Yes, visits to the library are very rare in my life. 😦 SO WHEN I ACTUALLY GOOOO?? IT’S A MAGICAL TIME AND I BORROW LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOKS!! (I only borrowed 5 this time, which I have to say is pretty impressive because I always end up borrowing 12-15 books. The self-control here is pretty evident guys, don’t you think?) OR MAYBE IT’S TERRIBLE AND SAD BECAUSE ONLY FIVE BOOKS?!? Come on, Michelle!! 

Anyway, here’s what I borrowed!Read More »