5 Awkward Blogger Moments


What can I say? I’m an awkward turtle in real life and online. The next five moments I will be sharing has all happened to me. These moments are awkward, embarrassing and hilarious. Let me know if any of them have happened to you in your blogging careers.

Enjoy this humorous post about all my fails as a blogger. 🙃😉


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Top 10 Books To Read for an Epic Book Hangover ft Honourable Mentions


In honour of the epic book hangover I currently have and slowly healing from, I made a list of books that gave me an insanely long and painful book hangover (well, if felt that way).

If you’re looking for your next book hangover, consider this a list of recommendations ’cause I got you covered. 😉blogdivider

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading THAT Book


At least once in our long bookish lives, we hit that moment where we want to start reading a book but we just can’t. I call it the reading slump. For the purpose of this post, I need you to think of the book that you’ve been trying to read. It’ll probably be a book you haven’t read before and it’s been pending for a long time. You just haven’t actually picked it up yet. You can practically envision the title and book cover in your mind. I’m sure you do, us bookworms have a pretty nice flatscreen TV in our heads. It’s the one that’s been nagging you for a while. Got it? Okay, now I’m going to convince you to read it.Read More »

August 2016: Most Anticipated Releases


THE BOOK GODS HAVE BLESSED US WITH AN EPIC BOOK RELEASING SPREE THIS AUGUST!!! I’m stoked to show you which books I’m fangirling over and what I’m most excited about!

Let’s just get right to it!

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Top 10 First Kiss Scenes in Books (Part 2)

So you guys might be wondering why the title of this post is “Part 2”. Wellll, on my group blog, I actually wrote one of these posts and it’s doing very well over there, so I’ve decided to update it with some of my 2016 books! But before you continue make sure to check out the Part 1 of this series to get 10 more swoonworthy first kiss scenes! 😉

Here they are in no particular order, buuut I did save the best near the end. *winks*

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Tolerating Book To Screen Adaptions?!

Welcome to the world where producers take your favourite books and ruin them! *starts clapping* Bravo! Thank you! Thank you so much for ruining my childhood!! Thank you so much for ruining my life.

…Okay, I’m exaggerating here. Harry Potter was phenomenal and Hunger Games fated pretty well. I’ll give some franchises the benefit of the doubt, but come on, 60% of the time our book-turned-movies don’t feat very well. 99% of the time, us book lovers, can find at least one thing wrong with the movie. Anything from casting to story line to quotes, we will find something we don’t like. I think book lovers are the most pickiest critiques out there! Nonetheless, it’s not like we don’t appreciate the movie itself. It’s a BOOK come to life, but to what extent do we tolerate the book to screen adaptions that don’t always turn out how we envisioned them on the flat screen TVs in our heads? (That was a mouthful.)Read More »

Buying vs Borrowing

Which is better? Buying or Borrowing?

As a fellow book nerd and addict, I want to address the issue of buying and borrowing books. I found that I talked with everyone about my situation about purchasing my favourite novels versus just going to the library and taking books out. In these conversations, I just talk about it but I never really took the time to write the pros and cons of each situation, buying or borrowing. So, in the end, which is better?Read More »