Dream Reading Space

dream reading space

As booknerds, we can adapt to many different reading situations. Reading in the car, the bus, behind textbooks while in class, or even on the beach. It got me thinking to what would be my dream reading space. What makes a reading space, a dream reading space?

For the most part, I usually read in my bed. Nice lighting is required. I usually love opening the curtains if it’s a nice day, but regular lights will suffice. Sometimes I need dead silence, but sometimes I can be so immersed into the book, I could be in the middle of Tokyo and be fine with tuning out the noise. A warm fuzzy blanket is a must and a calming tea is an option.

Y’all feeling my vibe?

I would love to have a reading room in my future house. (But the bed will make do cause I’m not that extra 😜) Now let me show you what a dream reading space would look like with the help of Arhaus.

Aesthetically, all I care about is my bookshelf. Forget about the time and stress with buying my future (my far future) wedding dress. My bookshelf better be the most beautiful and perfect shelf ever. (And let me tell you, there’s not going to be just one bookshelf…I do not recommend this for relationships though? unless it’s a polygamous situation for you..I’m heading towards very complicated places right now..so I’m going to get out of these brackets and continue to talk about bookshelves)

I found this super elegant bookshelf on Arhaus’s website.


I really like the dark vibes, which will hopefully give my reading space a homey and private feel. Also, there’s a ladder which means it’s gotta be tall, which means a pretty big bookcase and I’m in love with the idea of ladders in a library. Next, the bed, which must match the dark furniture as well, will have this lovely mattress that won’t give me back problems and a throw blanket.


Last but not least, the lighting. AND LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS PENDANT LIGHT BECAUSE OHMYGOODNESS IT SPEAKS TO MY INNER FANGIRL. (Am I getting Beauty and the Beast anyone??😍)



You can definitely bet on the fact that I will definitely incorporate bookish inspiration when it comes to decorating my future house, but before the house, I guess I’ll be decorating my dorm room in university?!? 😱 🙌

At the end of the day, you make your own reading space. Reading spaces cater to different comfort levels for different book nerds. Although thinking about my own dream reading space and what that would look like was a lot of fun, it doesn’t matter where I am or how my surroundings look; it’s honestly more about the book than anything. If I want to read a book, I will read it and try adapt to where I am in order to do so. (Try is key because yes, I’ve considered reading in the shower/bathtub but I cannot risk getting my precious all wet😬😅)

There is really no such thing as a dream reading space because the whole world is a reading space. But yes, sometimes it hella fun to visualize your own private reading room or personal library. 😉

So what would be your dream reading space?? What would it look like?? Where do you usually read?? What circumstances makes it really hard for you to read books?? Have you dared the shower/bathtime read?? Let me know in the comments below!!


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