About Me

Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m seriously addicted to the smell of books, to the stories behind the covers and to the emotional rollercoaster that is reading. I love everything about reading so of course I would fall in love with reviewing and critiquing the books I read.

Addictively Turning Pages reflects exactly what I do and what I will always love to do. I’m a book addict that loves to keep turning pages. I love everything from the characters I meet to the stories that unfold. I think books are a magical world that must be discovered and what better than to do that and rave about them than the world wide web??

So, welcome to my safe haven where you can curl up in a blanket and fangirl with me about all things BOOKS!

Expect lots and lots of book reviews, fangirling, and lots of exclamation points!!!!!

Other facts to know about me are:

  • Proudly Canadian🍁
  • Grey’s Anatomy is an obsession and that’s an understatement
  • Netflix is my life
  • Quotes and listening to music get me through the day
  • CATS! ❤
  • IB Student Who Can’t Handle the IB Life

Since that long intro is done and over with, I now release you into the scary world of my blog where I have no filter on my thoughts and talk non-stop about books! I mean, non-stop. Be freeee!


Enjoy all the reviews and bookish posts! ❤ And don’t be afraid to comment. 🙂

Find moi on social media!

goodreads / twitter / tumblr / pinterest / instagram / bloglovin’

If you have any questions about anything on this site, or if you wanna fangirl or just wanna chat, message me below!


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