Monthly Wrap Up: January 2017



First month of 2017: DONE. That went by too quickly for my taste. Yesterday was the last day of my first semester exams. I am now freee!

I skipped last month’s newsletter as it wasn’t really eventful. I think I started January pretty strong then might have fizzled out by the end. I’m super active on Instagram though, so check me out there!

Let’s get to it!



*Full reviews are linked in the titles*

4.5/5 stars: I loved the style of this book! With the style, the relatable main character, and the adorable, sweet love story, this standalone made me a forever fan of Nicola Yoon’s writing. She address the meaning of life and love and absolutely made me happy when reading this book. However, the predictability of the plot was disappointing; overall, this novel was a great way to start my new year!

5/5 stars: I have waited too long to read the conclusion of Mary E. Pearson’s trilogy, and IT WAS AN AMAZING FINALE!! I’ve never eaten read a book so fast in my life! I devoured the rest of Lia, Rafe and Kaden’s story. Some tears were shed, but the ending was so sweet and meaningful and my heart could not take those feels. Brilliant story-telling, the plot made sense and Pearson was true to her characters which made the story all the more entertaining. If you haven’t finished this trilogy because the sequel was horrible (It was for me anyway), you MUST. Pearson redeems herself with an amazing finale to her series!

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This month was full of different posts, as I strided away from book reviews.

My Year in Books | 2016 Recap + A Glimpse of 2017
Snarking Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 1
5 Awkward Blogger Moments
REVEAL | Till Death by Jennifer L. Armentrout + BOOK TRAILER


  • King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard got a trailer this month, and ohmygod it’s so creepy and dark and I LOVE IT. I got chills just watching it, and it just made me want the novel even more!! SEVEN MORE DAYS UNTIL ITS RELEASE!!!! 😱 😱 😍😍
  • THERE’S A HARRY POTTER BATH BOMB THAT SORTS YOU IN A HOUSE!! I would totally keep buying them until I got the house I wanted. 😂 (I’m Ravenclaw)
  • The OFFICIAL Beauty and the Beast Live-Action trailer got released and it looks sooo goood!! I can’t wait for March!!


  • Finished my last exam and it is practically the last regular high school exam I’ll ever write because in 90 days, I’ll write my IB exams. 😳 The next three months are going to be hectic.
  • I’m still going strong on bookstagram, so please follow me if you haven’t!! This is nurturing my love for photography and I’m trying to save enough money to get myself my own camera. 🙂


How was your January? What are you currently reading?? Are you in a reading slump like I am?


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