5 Awkward Blogger Moments


What can I say? I’m an awkward turtle in real life and online. The next five moments I will be sharing has all happened to me. These moments are awkward, embarrassing and hilarious. Let me know if any of them have happened to you in your blogging careers.

Enjoy this humorous post about all my fails as a blogger. 🙃😉


1. Pressing “Publish” by accident

I have pressed ‘Publish’ by accident too many times to count! This usually happens when my laptop lags and I just spaz on the keyboard. When I release a post, my followers can get an email, and when they see a half-finished, un-edited post, things can be a little bit awkward. It’s like my masterpiece cannot be released into the world yet!! Please look away from this horrendous version of my thoughts!!


I also have had publication issues when I try to schedule something and it doesn’t post at the correct time or it doesn’t appear at the top of my homepage. A lot of my fellow bloggers have also had problems with their comments going into spam folders and it’s just get utter chaos sometimes. How about pictures not loading, formatting problems, losing half a post because the WIFI crashed?

Needless to say, bloggers deal with a lot of technical problems.

2. Getting an author’s name wrong

Specifically for book blogging, when I write a review, it is very important to provide details on the book and the author. But when the details are wrong? Like messing up one of my favourite author’s name on a book review? I just look back and cringe so hard. Even mispronouncing the author’s name when talking about the book or god forbid, in front of the author in person (which will totally happen to me one day). It’s just one of those moments where you just want to retreat back into your shell and never come out again.


Not only that, getting stories mixed up is awkward as well. When I first began to review books, I got two novels mixed up. In my review, I talked about the plot and the characters never realizing it was the wrong book until months after publication. I mean talk about forgetfulness and miscommunication.

Bookworms worship authors and getting their name or their stories they worked so hard on wrong, is like a stab in our own gut BECAUSE WE DO LOVE YOU!! #AUTHORAPPRECIATION.

3. Obsessive proof-reading

My proof-reading process is extensive and I proof-read posts almost five times before scheduling, and even then, I look over it again hours before publication. It might be different for others, but when I see a spelling or grammatical error on the Internet, it can be cringy at times (it can also be hilarious too). I have hate-love relationship with autocorrect…

Despite of this excessive proof-reading I still manage to find some mistake in my post after publication!! And all I can think about is, I promise I know how to spell ‘the’!! and I promise I know how to use complete sentences!


Mind you, the wonderful thing about blogging is that there really are no rules. Little grammatical errors I stress over, but the tone and style of writing varies from blogger to blogger and it’s great!! (I believe the amount of exclamation points I use is definitely not proper in an English essay😆) Using bookish vocabulary and slang is common on the Internet and although I do text in full sentences, punctuation and all, the world of blogging is adaptive to different styles of language, making it a diverse and fun place to share thoughts, opinions and experiences. 🙂

4. When you get buried alive by your TBR and To-Do lists

If you don’t already know, I got really behind in reviews last year…I am still behind on those reviews.. And being an active reader (most of the time) I find it hard to catch up on the reviews I need to write and the books I need to read. Like I drown in book reviews/posts and my TBR list. Because when I read one book, three more books get added onto my TBR and you don’t want to know how many reviews I have not written…


The thing I’ve learned in 2016, is that I don’t need to review every single book I read. It’s not necessary. It doesn’t stop me from complaining about it though. 😆

I’ve read this on other blogs where bloggers who get ARCs can fall behind on those as well. It’s like your TBR is literally trying to murder your personal life. There’s no time for it all. Which means sacrificing, compromising, and prioritizing. Something that you learn about everyday.


(Because the kitten is too cute!!😍😍)

5. Mixing up personal & blogging accounts

Who has posted a photo on their personal account but meant to post it with your blogging account or vice versa? *raises hand really really high* ME. I’ve done this mostly on Instagram as I follow my favs on both accounts. I mean in the end, it shouldn’t matter but when it comes to posting pictures and commenting, it can get messy. When I posted a picture on my personal intended for my blogging and seconds after realizing it, I never pressed ‘Delete’ so quickly. 😂


I haven’t shared this hobby with many, and only close friends and those who interact with me more know about my blog, and bookstagram. Is it because I don’t want to be judged? Or am I just shy? It’s all those things and more. It’s not about being embarrassed about my passions, it’s about my privacy and it can be as simple as I’m just not comfortable. Putting your passion out there for people to judge is hard. Like sharing short stories and poetry, you’re left vulnerable. It’s also,  I don’t need everyone to know what I do. Most of the time, when people find out by chance, I just accept it and move on, but I’m far from announcing to the world that I do this, and that is okay. 🙂


So how many of these moments have happened to you? What would you add to the list? I want to know what’s inside your brain!! Let’s be awkward turtles together!!


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8 thoughts on “5 Awkward Blogger Moments

  1. Can totally relate to hitting publish to soon, I’ve had so many technical difficulties, photos not loading, cats walking across my keyboard. And I also proof read my posts a dozen times and still find errors. So many awkward blogging moments. 🤣🙃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Or even cats just deciding they want to nap ON your keyboard 😒😂 It’s crazy that no matter how many times we proof-read to fix errors, it never actually works?! The struggle is so real. 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! On my gravestone, it’s going to read Death by TBR. 😜 We can be awkward turtles together!! 🤗


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